Pest Controllers Termite Install/Removal kit

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Not only do you want to be able to install new Termite Bait stations fast, but you also need to remove the old ones that are firmly stuck in the ground.

Having the combination of a 224HD for drilling 2 inch holes and also the 428H for drilling into old bait stations and removing them  (or installing different brands of monitoring stations) will have you totally covered for each situation. 
Commercial quality at a realistic price.. you will get your money back on the first job with the amount of time saved.

Plus we will also include 3 pairs of Nitrile dipped gloves with every kit purchase. 

So thats a 224HD  - $216.00  Drills a perfect 2inch wide hole through the hardest of soil including solid clay. 


428H  - $238.00  4inch wide hole for installing wider monitoring stations or removing old ones.


3 pairs of Machine Washable Nitrile Dipped gloves which give great grip when using the Power Planter but also a good fit so you feel the details. ($6.50pr x 3)

Total value is $473.50
Kit Price $434.00  (Limited offer)