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Power Planter™ 324H


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With a 24inch long Power Planter™ you can comfortably stand up and drill into your soil with very little effort. Very popular with landscapers but also a great tool to have in your shed. You wont even hesitate the next time you need to plant something when this tool makes it so easy. 

Also great for tunnelling holes under paths, aerating your compost heap, mixing fertiliser into your potting mix, mixing mortar, and even creating deep holes around trees to get water and fertiliser down to where the roots need it.

It will be your new favourite tool in the shed and one your neighbours might try and steal!

Please Note: This one requires a 13mm (1/2 inch) chuck on your drill. 90% of drills have this, but there are a few smaller models that only have a 10mm chuck. Id also recommend no smaller than a 18V drill to power this one, along with a larger capacity battery eg. 4-5A. It  will work on the others but not last long. 
Of course you can use it on a 240V and go all day. Be sure to put any drill you use on the slowest setting and attach the side handle that came with the drill (its probably in the box the drill came in ;-) 

N.B. We hope it is pretty obvious, but just in case we better say it anyway. The price does not include the Dewalt Drill shown in the demonstration images. The Power Planter can fit onto any standard Australian drills. (eg. Ryobi, Bosch, Black and Decker, Hitachi, etc )

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power planter

i always wanted one and i am happy with the product.

Bhikhu Dahya Patel
Dannemora, New Zealand

I haven't used it seems

I haven't used it seems I should have a next one down is it possible

Harbans Singh Chopra
Avondale 0600, New Zealand

Power planter

Thankyou we love our power planter 324h. Planted bulbs in no time.

Veronica Sayer
Blenheim, New Zealand

It is a winner

That 2' shaft is wonderful, allowing me not only to not bend as much, but also provides the full depth of hole if needed. Great for all sorts of things besides planting - I have been putting 3x2 retaining posts around gardens and embedding other bits and pieces as well. Found that the big corded drill is not as easy as the battery one, despite the infinite variable speed. Nice video, too. Thanks team.

Peter Jenkins
Manakau, New Zealand

Powerplanter 324h

Saves time and energy,makes planting very easy in ****** soils. And no effort to work up a garde that has been worked before

John Cook
Winton, New Zealand

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