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Being in my late 60s and suffering from arthritis in my arms and hands i wasn't able to dig holes in my garden , always had to wait for someone to do it for me,now it's a breeze can do it myself - amazing tool and so easy, already told some of my friends,i will buy another one from you when needed, thank you 10/10 cheers

Maryse Sammut  

Christie Downs, South Australia 

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Thank you Brian, Just letting you know how great this tool is!
I got one for my husband for Fathers Day. He used it today we needed to plant 4 citrus trees. Usually it would take hours and a lot of stress and tools, a spade,crow bar, pick, and a lot of sweat. But today he grabbed the drill and in half an hour all 4 were planted. We have  a lot of clay and stones but the power planter went through it like a hot knife in butter. And it  made a hole just the right size and we didn't even have to dig the soil out it just came out and lined the hole . It was great. Now we can use it to finish the rest of the garden, an excellent buy.

Heather Trakalianis
Cranebrook NSW

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After a complicated hip operation I have to be on a single crutch for many months. I wanted to do some planting but digging holes with a spade was not an option. I figured drilling holes was the answer and that is how I came to buy a Power Planter (24 inch so I can use it standing up).

I'm using a Ryobi battery powered drill with electronic torque control. This means that the drill cut out when I've run into too many roots, bricks etc. So even though I've been drilling planting holes with one hand on a crutch and the other on the drill, I've been able to do all the magic promised and with no wrist damage or being thrown off balance.The point I'm making is that the auger works extremely well, I highly recommend it and have found that when used with the appropriate settings on a battery drill (via a clutch or electronic torque control) can be used much more safely than might be expected.

Congratulations on this excellent tool.

John Carragher 
Glen Iris VIC 

Disclaimer: We don't recommend using a drill with Power Planter one handed. Much better to have the side handle on and be well braced with two hands. But as John said, he made us of the clever electronic torque control to stop the drill jerking him off balance when it hit a tree root or rock. Smart thinking John and great to see you getting out there. (Although Im sure your doctor mentioned 'bed rest' somewhere in there) ;-) 


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Brian I received my power planter yesterday ( thanks for the prompt delivery) ,l had 60 lavenders to go in and the power planter did it with ease, took me about 1.45 hrs to dig the holes and plant the lavender.
There had been trees and plants in the bed before so lots of roots and the power planter handled them with ease, if it got stuck the first time I would just reverse the drill and it would pop out then go in harder taking smaller bites and would cut through the roots.
Thanks again it is a wonderful tool and it probably saved me 6 hrs work.

John knee.

Yallambie VIC

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Hi Brian, You have a real winner here. My daughter bought a power planter from you for Father's Day and already it has been a great bonus to my gardening equipment.
I mixed my own potting compost today using the power planter in a cheap 18v battery drill mixing the various components in a wheelbarrow using the power planter instead of the tedious hand or shovel mixing. It was great and did the job perfectly. We have also over the week end put in lilliums, bedding plants and some medium sized natives using the power planter with so much ease I don't know why no one thought of it before. After all, I have a post hole digger on my tractor so it seems such a logical step.

A great tool and every gardener, serious or not, should have one.
Alan Meiklejohn.

Bywong NSW

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