Are you ready to dig your garden the easy way?


The Power Planter Range

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Power Planter 207 for Australian Gardeners

207 Power Planter™ 


2 inch wide hole by 7 inches deep is perfect for seedlings of flower and vegetables. 

Power Planter 307 for Australian Gardeners

307 Power Planter™


3 inch wide hole by 7 inch deep - General planting when you are on your knees down in the dirt. 

Power Planter 312 for Australian Gardeners

312 Power Planter™


3inch wide hole by 12inches deep. Use this for deep cultivation to a foot deep. Planting larger plants and ensuring the soil is well prepared. 

324 Power Planter™


3 inch wide hole with a 24 inch shaft means you can use it whilst standing up. Great for when you have a fair bit of digging to do and you don't want to be on your knees the whole time. 
To cultivate a garden bed really well, just drill a 100 holes (which will only take a few minutes) and then move sideways between them to really churn up the soil just like an expensive rotary hoe would do. 

Brians tip: Take a look at the Perfect Power Planter Kit for Gardeners to get the most useful combination at a discounted price. 

Best Tool in the shed

"From the time I placed my order for the Power Planter 324H I had fabulous customer service. Emails every step of the way for order and delivery . And the product is every bit as good as described .
My garden at Pacific Pines is full of rock, so digging holes to plant or even to get the rock out has been a nightmare . This tool has made my gardening so much easier . I can't believe no one has ever come up with this idea before . Where it used to take me an hour to pick out the ground to remove the rock to plant anything , I can dig and plant several plants and be sitting enjoying my garden in half the time . And it will be perfect for tilling the ground in my Veggie garden."
Gail Turley   Pacific Pines, QLD

"Amazing, it works through my hard clay soil like butter. Money well spent, my back and shovel thank you."  

Tracy Abraham     KILBURN NORTH, SA

"Awesome bit of gear,we have the hardest soil known to man and its been dryer than I've seen it for a long time.The power planter went through it with ease and I was only using a $39 Ozito cordless drill." 

Regards and many thanks, 

Max Mckenzie    MACLEAN, NSW


Fabulous product

We spent so much time digging with a mattock, spade and our hands because the soil was so dry and hard. When the power planter kit arrived we couldn't wait to open it. It didn't disappoint! 

So so much easier, I can use it with ease whereas I couldn't use the mattock very well. Also cuts the time used for digging by more than half. Whether you're a serious gardener or hobby gardener, the power planter is for everyone

Thank you 

Mrs. Kim Creighton    Tannymorel, QLD

We read all the reviews and hints and tips to make sure we used it properly, and it was very easy to use. In a few minutes we had all the holes dug that we've been trying to do by hand for the last 2 months. We almost gave up starting a garden in heavy clay soil, but now thanks to the Power Planter the plants are thriving and the garden looks great.

Johanna Nicholas   GOWRIE, ACT


I love it!

I have very hard limestone soil about 10 inches from the surface. I have been very frustrated trying to work out how I was going to get past this without hiring a large post hole digger, so when I discovered this and started using it with my own electric drill, I was thrilled with the results and my garden is well on it's way to being how I want it to be. Thanks

Pauline Feiler   Seaford Meadows, SA


Excellent. We needed to dig some holes to place poles into the ground for our grape vines. The Power planter got through the soil (and clay) with ease,and had all the holes dug and poles concreted in the ground in no time

Craig Robson   Cundletown, NSW

Gardeners Package Deal

Not sure what to get?

Take a look at our Gardeners Kit. It includes a 207, 307, 324H and 3 pairs of gloves... plus upon completing your purchase you will get the option to also add the 312 to your order at 20% off. Its a fantastic deal if you like to do a bit of gardening

This has got to be the biggest innovation in gardening for at least a decade and is going to make a lot of things possible for a lot of people...especially those who haven't been able to dig the ground themselves up until now.