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Super Gardeners Kit - includes all 4 Power Planters

Glove size Options

This is the kit that has it all.
You get all 4 Power Planter sizes in our home gardeners range plus a years supply of our clever machine washable garden gloves.

Package Includes
Power Planter 207  - perfect for planting seedlings and small bulbs
Power Planter 307 - general planting, and large bulbs like Daffodils

Power Planter 312 - Our most popular Power Planter gets deep penetration into your garden beds. 
Power Planter 324h - 600mm (24inches) long so you can use it whilst standing up. If you have a whole bed to dig up or some really stubborn ground, use this one. (Note that it does require a 13mm (1/2inch) chuck size which most drills in Australia have. 

12 pairs of Power Planter™ machine washable garden gloves. - These are the perfect gloves to use with your Power Planter. Enough to protect your hands and give you good grip on the drill, but also flexible enough that you dont need to take them off when doing delicate work like planting seedlings. And the best bit is, at the end of the day you can throw them in the wash to come up looking like new for another days work.

Total value of this package is $445.00

Special Package Price is $325.00

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Terence Willson
noth shore city, New Zealand

Super Gardeners Kit.

It has been great, I no longer put off working in the garden, I now love it. It really saves on back breaking digging. Five stars.

Jane Martens
Auckland, New Zealand

Omg bloody life changing

Biggest time saver

Jan L.
New Zealand

Amazing Power Planter

I am totally in love with my new Power Planter, I have used it many times in the few weeks that I have owned them. It saves so much time especially when doing a lot of planting and is so great to use to mix in compost or fertiliser. I am now able to dig holes that previously I would have struggled with or would have asked my husband to dig. Fantastic product.

Andrew B.
New Zealand

They power planters are fantastic.they

They power planters are fantastic.they save my time doing working faster. I really like them. I will buy one more for my daughter in Australia.

Francis v.
New Zealand

A teaching tool

I use thes in my production horticulture class. Fantastic. I "requested " it for father's day. I use it at home and at school. My students can't wait to plant.

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