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If you really love the idea of not having to hand dig your garden anymore then I want to ask you to not just get one Power Planter. Sure it will do a great job, but like any tool, you will do a whole lot better if you have the range to choose from depending on the job. 

When I'm in the garden, some jobs require extensive work where I'll grab the longer 324 model and use it standing up, other times Im just working with seedlings and I dont want to disturb all the soil so the small 207 is just perfect. And then right in the middle is the 307 for everyday gardening, freshening up the soil, cultivating fibrous roots in old garden beds and so on. I just have them all handy and the jobs get done so much faster. 

These 3 sizes will have you totally covered. 

So here is the Recommended Gardeners Kit

  • 1 x Power Planter 207 model - 2 inch wide x 7 inch long (perfect for seedlings and small bulbs where you want to naturalise in the lawn but not create large holes everywhere) $64.00

  • 1 x  Power Planter 307 model - 3 inch wide x 7inches long (General garden use where you are on your knees amongst the plants or for digging deep in the vegie patch) $76.00

  • 1 x Power Planter 324H model* - 3 inch wide with a 24inch long solid steel shaft (Pull this one out when creating a new bed, or getting thoroughly stuck into rejuvenating an old one. Also great for tunneling under paths, drilling deep holes beside trees for fertiliser tablets and watering, mixing concrete/mortar in a barrow or bucket and much more) $140.00

  • 3 x pairs of Washable Garden Gloves - My favourite Gardening Gloves. Nitrile coated gives you grip when using the Power Planter, but protects your hands and keeps them clean. Breathable fabric back, also great for wiping the sweat off your brow. $19.50 ($6.50 x 3)

Total Value: $299.50  

(which is excellent value for what it does. But I really want to give you a good deal as I'm on a mission to see every gardener in New Zealand enjoying the easy life with Power Planter!)

Package Price $216.00 

This package is designed by Brian to give you the most useful sizes in the Power Planter™ range for Gardening. This really is ALL you need. 

Please Note: Price does not include the great looking Dewalt Drill - But you might like to go and buy one! I recommend the 996 model and get a 4 Amp battery too and you will be happy for years! 

*The 324H Power Planter requires a 13mm chuck which is the most common size chuck in Australia but there are some (a small amount) of drills that have a 10mm chuck- no idea why they would do that! 


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Works like a charm

I have a heap of riparian plants to get into the ground. This is far quicker than a spade and copes well with gravelly land.

Audrey Thompson
stratford, New Zealand stratford, New Zealand

tough stuff

with clay soil i found the power planter made short work of digging.

Ralph Power
Upper Hutt, New Zealand Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Ray Lauridsen says

We bought 4 power/planters as Christmas presents for our three daughters and Son in Laws and one for ourselves. Admittedly the Son in Laws provided the drills. All have said they are brilliant. Heather said "That's pretty cool, Turns hard as rock clay into icing sugar !! Brilliant !!! so we are all very pleased. Marilyn has now said "can't wait to use mine"

Blanche Lauridsen
Kelvin Grove, New Zealand Kelvin Grove, New Zealand


Great tool , excellent to use

Sue Robertson
Washington Valley, New Zealand Washington Valley, New Zealand

Power planter kit

Used the longer 24inch drill on our block for the first time with a battery drill. It worked well drilling down into ****** soil. In some places it was hard going, hard ground so much so the drill ran out of batteries. Fired up a generator and used a corded drill which even that struggled in places. Where the ground was soft no problem, muddy area stuck to the planter but in the main it worked well. Drilled about 52 holes. Pleased with the performance.

Alan Vowles
Birkdale, New Zealand Birkdale, New Zealand

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